I’m here to start something new and refreshing!

As a business consultant, a national speaker on Aging (thriving) In Place, Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS), REALTOR, author, and entrepreneur – if I have learned anything it is this:
“People want to spend their life in a home environment that is familiar, comfortable and manageable.”
With over 30 years of experience in housing and healthcare, I have a unique view when it comes to educating developers, builders, executives, and various organizations in the housing industry about The Ageless Home™. I empower them with knowing the best way to engage The Ageless Home™ and work it into their revenue stream.

When it comes to selling houses, it all starts with the home design.
Why aren’t we building houses that allow anyone, at any age, to function in it? There is less than 1% of our current housing inventory that is considered usable by all ages.

A few years back, I decided to look into the home building industry and talk with developers & builders. When I approached them about creating a home design that ages with the homeowner, there was a constant response of “when a customer asks me for that type of house I’ll look into it” It was then that I started the path to The Ageless Home™

The Ageless Home™ is a house that through design and product layout, allows anyone, regardless of age or ability, to function in it independently.
~A home for all stages and all phases of life.

I help developers/builders sell more homes so that they have more income, impact, and industry recognition, unlike others who choose to remain the same. Contact me and let’s talk about your company selling The Ageless Home™.