1. Affordability and space in their homes
  2. A feeling of community, like that, found in urban areas
  3. Customization and personalization in their homes

Now that isn’t crazy, is it? Absolutely not.

If you’re a builder and want to know what’s at the heart of Millennials who are now the biggest home buyers, know the above 3 points well! We know in housing that this generation loves being close to stores, walking distance to most everything, and having the room to breathe. But what we also know is that it’s not affordable to do so.

So what’s next? The majority is choosing to live in the suburbs in a home that is spacious, new construction, and inviting to everyone. The further from the city, the more affordable, and honestly, why not? That’s what I did, and I am far from a millennial. It comes down to this – Live your life, find your dream home, and if it means joining the many awesome communities that are being built by leaps and bounds, then do so! Check out this blog from 2-10 home warranty and learn a lot more.

Live within your means, but remember to live.

Cheers, Valerie J-H