About a month ago I met with a company who is looking to build an Agrihood Community on their 600 acres in North Carolina. At the same time, they are looking for more land in NC to develop and create another Agrihood community. That very day I learned a lot about the purpose and simplicity of the idea and the volume of people that are actually looking for this type of living.

The following statement is from an article titled Developers Look To Farmers To Cultivate Home Buyers.  “Eager to attract buyers who want modern homes with a close connection to the food they consume, a growing number of residential developers are building master-planned communities designed around agricultural themes—and some are even partnering with farmers to run community events. These so-called “agrihoods” combine traditional single-family or multifamily residential units with farmland, food-production spaces, trails, and other nature-focused amenities. The number of agrihoods has been expanding, and there are now at least 27 agrihoods in the United States and Canada, according to the Urban Land Institute

Personally, I love the idea of Agrihoods. It brings people together, back to nature and creates a simple way of living.

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