I remember my father running around after 6 kids shutting off the lights to save on the electric bill. I can hear his voice now “hurry up and close that door! Don’t let the cold air in! Shut off the lights when you leave the room! Stop looking so long in the refrigerator, you’re getting the food warm!”  Ahh….memories. But what about today’s homes? Can Energy Star Homes create an added value?

The article Using Energy Savings To Sell Homes  sums up the value of Energy Star Homes: “As third party-verified energy efficiency gained popularity in residential construction, we learned that Energy Star® Certified homes are built to standards well above most other new homes on the market — delivering energy efficiency savings of up to 15 to 30%. Building homes that save money and use fewer resources are better for the environment, and creating homes that are more comfortable and durable to live in makes sense”. 

One of my biggest points when talking in front of an audience is making sure that the message is received by the listener. Depending on who the listener is – determines how and what I say in the message. The words ‘energy savings’ doesn’t say much –  but talking about comfort, price savings, and giving a visual will sell the idea.

What I found very interesting is one of the comments posted at the end of the article. They stated “The Appraisal Institute developed a designation for a Valuation of Sustainable Buildings Professional Development Program. Builders are losing 10-15% of appraised valuation in their efficient homes because no one asks for a Sustainable Buildings Appraiser.” Food for thought and discussion.

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