Happy New Year Everyone!

I spent the last few weeks of December traveling, dancing and eating my way through different parts of the planet as well as looking out for some cool things for your house! I really like to offer some moments that make you say “that’s cool!” That’s the time when I know I did my job!

Being a real estate broker has opened up my eyes to an even bigger schmorgage board of things to write about. My goal for 2019 is to pass onto you some fun, off the wall and very common products, services, and home designs. So let’s get started…..

If you’re like me, you LOVE the kitchen! I know men as well as women like open space with enough seats to accommodate all your guests that manage to gravitate there. Kitchens have bold and strong appliances, they make a perfect statement with colors, funky items, food aromas, and great conversation. Today’s product is one that grabbed my attention 100% and pointed me into a new way at looking at countertops.

Picture it, a center island in your gorgeous kitchen. Everything in your kitchen has its own story. But the center island is in a world of its own. The countertop is made of GEMSTONE! 

Yes, pure gemstone. The gemstone is considered to be a semi-precious stone such as Tigers Eye, Amethyst, and Hematite. The counters are a very important part of your kitchen. If you want to have something that not only makes a statement but provides positive energy and awesome colors, consider a gemstone countertop. 

Here’s an article that gives you insight into gemstone countertops. I personally had a countertop in my last house that had huge white quartz chunks right in the middle of a large dark slab. It was a conversation piece for sure.

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Enjoy the day ~Valerie