A few weeks ago I wrote about a home product that is truly a throne, The TOTO Washlet. This is a particular commode style that I love and I’m hoping that the idea of using it takes off in America. I do feel that the lack of information (education) for any product will be its downfall to slow sales. From my experience, people won’t bother to look into something that they really don’t know about. That seems simple and logical for any business to understand. So that is why I write about products for the home that I feel will make a difference in someone’s life. 

When I first saw today’s product I said to myself “who wouldn’t want this?” My next thought was about knowing how much my dogs would love it as well. So, how many of you like to walk out onto a deck or balcony from your house? For some reason, it gives a different feel to the home when you know you can connect with the outdoors and still feel as if you are in a part of the house. I really like this product because of what it can bring to your imagination.

Introducing the Danish company Velux and the Cabrio Balcony

“The Danish company Velux has developed a foldable balcony that fits inside a window frame when not needed. To open the balcony, simply push open the window using the handles attached to the window frame and it becomes a functional balcony. The top hung window opens up high to give the user lots of headroom and the balcony unfolds on an effortless mechanism that requires only a firm push”.  Check out the video here to see their product in motion.  Here is another clip showing multiple windows being used for a bigger balcony.

If you get curious and you want to search for other balcony windows, you will find bigger ones that work for apartment buildings and different types of houses. The idea of the balcony window came out about 10 years ago. So why is it not known as one would think it should be? Education. We need more people talking about it and sharing. 

I hope today’s product gave you something to think about or maybe something to suggest to a friend or family member. For more post by me, please visit www.ValerieJurikHenry.com and if you want to know about a particular home product, send me a quick message on my website.

Enjoy the day!