Did you ever hear of a show called The Golden Girls? Sophia, Dorothy, Blanche, and Rose all lived in a house together. Two were mother and daughter and the other two were friends. They all had separate bedrooms, shared the kitchen and other common areas in the house. Week after week you would see a show that let you peek into the lives of 4 woman who went about with their everyday life as usual and how, at times, the lives crossed into the story of the day.

Overall, that’s one form of cohousing. Other ways include multigenerational housing, an apartment building setting with everyone sharing common areas for cooking, events and taking care of each other. In life, loneliness comes to all of us at some point. Age is irrelevant. Cohousing is something to understand for yourself or for someone you know who could really benefit from this concept. 

Check out this TED talk. Grace Kim, an architect, makes a great connection for you to understand cohousing, its uprising, and significance. To me, cohousing is for ALL ages. On some level, we ALL want and need to feel and be connected to others. It’s in our DNA to want connection. 

Here is an article by Next Avenue Pros and Cons of Living with Friends in Older Age that talks about cohousing. 

I love the concept. What do you think?

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