Lately, I’ve been caught up in all the different faucets for the house. Did you know that most people have trouble using their faucet because of its design? Yes, I thought the same thing until I read about all the inabilities.

If you think about the standard faucet that goes back to my mother’s – mother’s – mother and beyond and is still being sold today, there are knobs that you have to turn. To turn said knob you have to have fingers that are capable of doing so, and/or be of the right height that allows you to reach said knobs. Let’s say that you have both capable fingers and you can reach, now to see if said knobs are rusted shut or functioning! I don’t know about you, but that’s a lot of steps to get through to put water in my dog’s bowl!

OK, we can move a bit on the calendar to a closer time and talk about faucets with a lever instead of knobs. Yes, easier on the finger/hand ability but not so much on the height part. A smaller person (this includes children) would still have to struggle to turn on the water. 

Here’s an article, Best 2018 review for Touchless Faucets, that I really liked. It describes three different types of faucets 1) Touch-on  2) Touchless  3) BioBidet

It mentions the top three companies that provide such faucets 1) Moen 2) Delta 3) Kohler

Why consider a faucet that’s easy for everyone to use? 

Being a national speaker on aging in place, I am always looking for products that will make one’s life at home a bit easier. Who doesn’t want convenience, sanitation and less mess?

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Hi. I’m Valerie Jurik-Henry. With over 30 years of experience in healthcare and housing, I have a unique view when it comes to educating businesses, industries and families about how to create a living environment that ages with you. I’ve worked with various organizations over the years speaking and educating about the aging of America, aging (thriving) in place, community support and home design with products for a better living.

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