I’m Back!  I received emails asking if I quit writing…HA! No, I haven’t. There was a reason why I ghosted and that reason sparked me to write about today’s topic.

I am working with builders to create and market The Ageless Home™ here in North Carolina along with interest in other states. The Ageless Home™ will officially roll out in 2019 along with incredible marketing and message to educate everyone, regardless of age, on how to find, build or remodel your home for life!  We are not stuck on one generation or another, one design over another or anything that separates and gives the image of showing the separation of people. It’s going to be extremely exciting and you, of course, will have the front row!

Back to today’s message. As some of you might know, being that I’m so engaged in the creation of better housing for all, I wanted to learn the other side of the table and decided to become a real estate agent. I fully respect the knowledge agents need to have not only to pass the grueling school test (in NC) but to the take the state and national test to become an agent.  Jeez…at first I thought I was going to cry but here I am looking forward to every 10 hour day/7 days a week that I study and go to school. It’s going to be amazing what I share with you in the future about buying a home.

When buying a home you really need to take your first steps on solid ground. The more you LEARN about ‘what to do’ you MUST follow that up by understanding the importance of WHY to do it. Sometimes (myself included) we think real estate person – see house – I like – let’s buy. Today’s crazy market (houses in my area don’t even put signs in the ground) are seeing multiple offers over asking price in 8 hours! How much preparation do you think that potential buyer really had?

Check out this article 10 Steps To Buying A Home. I feel the following 10 points will give you if anything, a good point of thought to start from. If you ever find yourself looking at a house that has multiple people on it, this will give you some understanding about being prepared.

  1. Start your research early
  2. Determine how much house you can afford
  3. Get pre-qualified
  4. Find the right real estate agent
  5. Shop for your home and make an offer
  6. Get a home inspection
  7. Work with a mortgage banker to get your loan
  8. Have the home appraised
  9. Coordinate the paperwork
  10. Close the sale

Enjoy the day!

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