Hello Everyone! Being a national speaker on aging in place, I often hear the same questions over and over again. Questions like: “How do I find the services I need? How are they paid for? How do I get long distance caregiving for a parent in another state?  It’s unfortunate that there’s really no direct knowledge of what aging in place is nevermind the depths and connections it takes to make it a reality. Overall it’s about being able to live in your home for as long as possible safely and independently throughout life. It’s about knowing all the services that are provided in your neighborhood, it’s about knowing what it takes to cover all your bases and seeing if you have the finances to cover the majority of what insurance will not cover.

Most every survey taken nationally shows that people want to remain living in their own home until their last breath. We know it’s not possible for some due to situations that require professional help. Not possible for some due to their financial situation. I feel if people have the knowledge of what their choices are, the level of fear and anxiety would drop a few pegs as they get older.

Some people want to remain in their own home throughout life. Some want to move to a community such as an independent or assisted living. Some want 55+ housing that vows to help each other throughout life. No matter what you feel, there is a place and/or knowledge for you to make a decision. Be inquisitive and do the research. Fear is of the unknown.

Here is an article from Next Avenue about “answers to questions for aging in place”

Here is a quick video from me that gives an overview of aging in place.