If you are an ASA member, please come and join me Thursday 12/14/17 for my web seminar. This seminar includes complimentary CEU credits.

Title – “Aging In Place: The Preference of Today’s Aging Generation”  sponsored by Right At Home homecare.

Every day there are more and more people asking about aging-in-place (AIP), what it is and what can be done. First we need to send out the correct meaning of AIP and that is ‘To live at home for as long as possible throughout your life’  According to AARP and other respected organizations, nearly 90% of all seniors want to stay in their own home as they age. 82% want to stay in their own home even if they need day-to-day assistance.

So how do you accomplish that? You do so by knowing the who, what, when, where and how of it all. For 30 years I’ve been talking about the 4 W’s and teaching the How. If you can join the seminar you’ll can get an overview and if not, I’ll be posting many AIP informational pieces starting in 2018.

Enjoy the day!  ~Valerie